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Even Good Things Must Sometimes Come to an End

Doug Dickson | Published on 3/9/2023

After an exciting 10-year flight, Encore Boston Network is beginning our descent to a controlled landing later this year. Over the next few months, we will phase down our programs and services. Programs will end on March 31, our newsletter will continue through mid-year, and our website will remain active through year-end. 

This decision was not easy, and we know it will be disappointing to many. But it reflects our understanding of current circumstances. Times have changed and we must change with them.

Three key factors contributed to our decision:

1. Resources to support people over 50 who want to make a difference through work, service and social action are now abundant. Only a few years ago, they were scarce. And attitudes about the value of experience are changing, making opportunities much more available now.

2. While many people have access to support, others don't. Meeting the needs of those for whom resources are not yet available requires capacity we don't have and funding that is not available. We also believe there are other organizations better positioned to address these needs.

3. We are confident that the collaborations EBN has fostered will continue to provide valuable services and support to people over 50 without our direct involvement. In making this decision, we are passing our mission on for others to carry forward.

A warm Thank You to all who made Encore Boston Network such a remarkable success over the past 10 years. This includes our members, partners, donors, funders, sponsors, program leaders, staff and board.

You have all been part of a journey that has taken many twists and turns, but has always headed toward a single goal: to remove barriers and advance opportunities for people to continue their contributions to the economy, society and our communities regardless of their age.

We celebrate your contributions and our collective success as we turn the page to focus on the issues that remain. This time, we serve as individual contributors, not as an organization. In that context, our quest for age equity and respect will continue.

Doug Dickson, co-founder and chair, on behalf of the board of Encore Boston Network.