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Lower Anxiety During This Uncertain Time

Do you want to reduce anxiety and build resiliency during this time of uncertainty?

1) Cut the cord: Withdraw from the source of much of our anxiety -- the 24-hour news cycle. Turn off the radio, TV, phone and other sources of news. Give yourself a break and limit your consumption to an hour a day or less. Stick with sources that give you the facts, not commentary.

2) Find a way to chill: Focus on projects, read a book or watch a movie you haven't had time for (staying away from dystopian themes!), take a long walk if that's possible to do safely in your area, or any of the things that absorb you or help you relax. 

3) Reach out to others: The best way to balance worries about your own safety is to connect with others in your circle. Concern about the well-being of others puts us in a compassionate and problem-solving mindset. Especially as we maintain our physical distance, regular contact with friends, neighbors, colleagues and others reminds us that we're all in this together.