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4 Encore Lessons from Betty White
Joe Coughlin
Betty White died this past week. Given her long life, only a few weeks until her 100th birthday, all of us knew her. Well, at least we knew her professionally. In my recent Forbes article, I glean four lessons Betty White’s century of life might provide to Gen Z’ers, Millennials, and frankly, to all of us.
Telling Our Story in 2021
Doug Dickson
Each year, we provide information to the state about our accomplishments so they can be included in the state’s annual Age-Friendly Massachusetts report. I’d like to share our input with you, since your participation makes our work possible.
For Insight, Look to Older Entrepreneurs
This op-ed article, part of the Longevity Hub series in The Boston Globe, makes the case for people over 50 who are starting businesses at record rates. Written by Danielle Duplin, co-founder of Founders Over 55, of which Encore Boston Network is a part.
5 Ways to Find an Age-Friendly Employer
Doug Dickson
Published on: 11/19/2021
A Next Avenue article written by Nancy Collamer quotes Kara Cohen of AARP MA and cites the AARP Employer Pledge and the Age-Friendly Institute's CAFE programs as helpful to older job seekers. Also quotes from our recent Age-Friendly Employer Forum.
Why Employers Should Recruit & Retain Older Adults
As part of the Boston Globe Longevity Hub series, Tim Driver, Jody Shue and Alice Bonner describe the benefits to businesses of hiring older workers. It may run counter to our stereotypes, but research confirms that people over 50 make a big difference in the workplace.
Foundation for Change for Older Workers
Encore Boston board chair Doug Dickson writes that people over 50 are a growing economic resource and can make lasting contributions to society and the economy if given the chance. Part of The Boston Globe Opinion page series suggesting that it's time to change the way we think about aging and that Greater Boston can become the engine of the longevity economy.
Make Age Part of Legislative Focus
EBN testified before the new Joint Committee on Racial Justice, Civil Rights and Inclusion of the Massachusetts Legislature at it's June 14 public hearing. Our main points: 1) age discrimination magnifies the impact of racial, gender and other forms of bias, 2) it stands as a barrier to the full participation of people over 50 in the recovery and the economy, and 3) it affects health and well-being, increasing costs to society. Read the complete testimony.
Let's Make Public Health Intitiatives Intergenerational
In response to a Boston Globe editorial on June 2, "Pandemic Generation is interested in public health. We should take advantage," Doug Dickson wrote this comment: How about making these initiatives multigenerational? Yes, we need to take advantage of and support the renewed interest of younger people in public health. But there are many older people who would bring long experience and specific knowledge from adjacent fields, like law, medicine, education and technology. Engaging them in public health service would leverage their expertise for immediate contribution while setting the stage for encore careers in public health. And studies show that when younger and older people work together, they are more productive, flexible and creative. Finally, the opportunity for cross-generational, two-way mentoring would offer a huge bonus at no additional cost.
State Releases Year 2 Age-Friendly Progress Report
On Thursday, May 27, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs released it's Year Two Progress Report on the state's Age-Friendly Plan. Encore Boston Network is credited for our Mastering the Job Search and other workshops in 2020, along with our support of Founders Over 55. The report is available at
Thanks to Pandemic Volunteers
As we celebrate our second National Volunteer Week, April 18- 24, since the start of the pandemic, we want to reflect upon the amazing efforts of all of the Massachusetts residents who have stepped up to support their neighbors during these long and difficult months.
Encore Boston Adds Two New Board Members
At it's January meeting, the Encore Boston Network board elected two new board members: Patricia Latimore and Ray Santos. "We're thrilled to add the depth of experience that Pat and Ray bring to EBN," said Doug Dickson, board chair.


EBN Helps Launch Statewide Volunteer Platform
Massachusetts Service Alliance, United Way of Mass Bay & Merrimack Valley, Encore Boston Network, and other regional nonprofit networks partnered to launch an online state-of-the-art statewide nonprofit platform,, to connect nonprofits with potential volunteers, donors, and partners.
Older Americans Month: May 2021
Since 1963, Older Americans Month has been celebrated in May to recognize the contributions of older adults to our neighborhoods, communities, economy and society. This recognition is especially important this year as we emerge from a prolonged period of uncertainty, isolation and overt ageism. There are three times as many older people in the US today than in 1963 and we're now a much larger share of the population. We also start more businesses, contribute more volunteer hours, provide more family caregiving, own more wealth, and have a greater overall impact on society than any other age group. Older Americans bring strength to our communities and that's something worth celebrating!
Why Not An Intergenerational Vaccine Corps?
In the January 8 issue of Newsweek magazine, Phyllis Segal, EBN board member and senior fellow at, and Gerald Bourne, director of Encore Physicians, wrote an editorial proposing an intergenerational approach to rolling out the Covid-19 vaccines. "If the Covid vaccine is to liberate us, we urgently need new ways to deliver it," they wrote.
Plan Now for Your Post-Pandemic Comeback
A recent article in Next Avenue and Forbes, written by Connie Bahar, featured comments by Doug Dickson, EBN board chair. The article asks 3 questions to help you plan a post-pandemic comeback that could make your career and life more satisfying and fulfilling. "Don't wait for the perfect opportunity. Don't set the stakes too high," Dickson recommended.
Can Boston Be the Silicon Valley of Longevity?
In an Op-Ed article in The Boston Globe on February 22, Joe Coughlin, director of the MIT Age Lab, and his associate, Luke Yoquinto, posed this provocative question. Point by point, they make the case that the Boston area is uniquely positioned to make this a reality. "For companies to truly understand older consumers, they must hire older workers and eldercare-givers," Coughlin and Yoquinto say in the article.
Age-friendly MA Releases First Year Report
In 2018, Massachusetts became an age-friendly state. In 2019, it completed and began to implement a 5-year action plan. Now the Executive Office of Elder Affairs has released a progress report for the first year of the age-friendly action plan, which cites the work of Encore Boston Network in collaborating with other organizations to help people over 50 master the job search process and advocate for their interests with employers.
Will Older Workers Retire Sooner Because of Pandemic?
This article by Mark Miller for the NYTimes assesses the impact of COVID-19 on workers over 50 and whether they will return to work, find new jobs or retire sooner than they had planned.
EBN Pushes for Black Justice
Encore Boston Network, like the rest of the nation, is saddened and angered by the recent tragic murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the litany of other victims’ names spoken and unspoken. Racism and racial violence have existed for far too long in this country and it is unacceptable. We acknowledge the grief, the pain, the exhaustion, and the ongoing traumas of racial violence and oppression felt in the Black community and among people of Color, and stand with them in solidarity.
EBN Mentioned in Globe Article on Reopening
EBN Board Chair Doug Dickson was quoted in a Boston Globe article about the governor's guidelines for reopening the state's economy. Read the full article here.
Are You Rethinking Your Retirement?
If fallout from the pandemic has you wondering if your retirement plans still make sense, you are not alone.
Ageism and COVID-19
Ageism lurks as an ever-present influence in our society, but it has come roaring onto center stage with the COVID-19 crisis.
Stop Treating Old People Like We're About to Drop Dead
This Boston Globe article by Linda Matchan summarizes the ways in which ageism has influenced and characterized the response of society, government and healthcare decision makers to the COVID-19 outbreak. She asks us to think about how to flip these negative stereotypes on their heads.
What Becoming a Widow Taught Me About Living Through This
In this moving blog post, EBN Board member Phyllis Segal writes about the links between earlier life events and the sudden challenge of adjusting to new circumstances. But she also describes the emergence of hope and the possible silver linings of this experience.
Lower Anxiety During This Uncertain Time
Do you want to lower anxiety and build resiliency in this time of uncertainty?