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10 Tips on How to Spot an Age-Friendly Employer

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July 2021
10 Tips on How to Spot an Age-Friendly Employer
By Doug Dickson
Posted on 7/1/2021 11:16 AM

We all want to work in a place that values our experience. But how do we know if employers are intentional about hiring people over 50? These top 10 tips can help.

Tip #1They don’t ask for your graduation dates or anything else that might reveal your age.

Tip #2 -
They don’t ask for your salary history because they know experience counts and money isn’t everything.

Tip #3 - 
They don’t use ageist words like digital native or high energy. They know it’s what you can do that counts.

Tip #4 - 
Their diversity, equity and inclusion policy refers to age. They’re intentional about hiring people over 50.

Tip #5 - 
They feature pictures of people that look like you in their ads, on their website and in their recruiting materials.


Tip #6 - People of all ages work there and they are equally included in teams, projects and decisions.

Tip #7 - They offer training and upskilling opportunities to everyone regardless of age.

Tip #8 - 
They design jobs with flexibility so you can fit work into your life and not the other way around.

Tip #9 - Two-way mentoring programs help you share knowledge and learn from co-workers.

Tip #10 - They have pre-retirement options to make it easy for you to scale back or step down, when you’re ready.

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