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Getting a job has never been easy, but in many ways, it's more challenging now than it's ever been. And it can be especially challenging for people over 50. Our goal in offering this information is to give you an edge in the job search process. You have amazing strengths and we want to help you make those strengths visible to employers.

1. Get Ready -- make a plan, know your strengths, be positive (webinars 2 & 4).
2. Know the Process -- learn about Applicant Tracking Systems, LinkedIn and other job search technology (webinars 1, 3 & 6).
3. Don't Rely on Job Boards -- most jobs never make it there and if they do, you're fighting crowds of others. Learn about the hidden job market and other winning approaches (webinars 2 & 3).
4. Look for Age-Friendly Employers -- some employers believe in the value of experience and a multigenerational workforce (webinars 2 & 5). Also see "Age-Friendly Employers" under the "Take Action" tab.
5. Networking is Key -- learn about the strength of weak ties and other strategies for networking success (webinars 3 & 6).
6. Look Beyond Jobs -- there are lots of new ways to work, like free lance, contract, gig, seasonal and self-employment. Don't limit your options (webinars 3 & 7).

Recordings & Slides

The following recordings and slides were part of a webinar series offered in 2020. They are an invaluable resource for job seekers over 50. Getting your next job could depend on what you learn from these webinars.

Getting to Know Job Search Tools & Technology

Webinar 1, May 20, 2020

Did you know that 75% of resumes are rejected before a human being ever sees them? The job search process has changed drastically and we have to change with it. This webinar will help you understand the tools and technology being used by employers. You will learn how and where to apply for jobs, what to do if your initial interview is not with a person, and why you need to know what "ATS" stands for. Presented by Patrice Ball, Operation ABLE, and Wendy Gelberg, MassHire Downtown Boston.

Download recording of this webinar here 
Download slides for this webinar here

Secrets of Searching for Job Opportunities

Webinar 2, May 27, 2020

Before you start your job search, getting answers to some important questions can save time, get you pointed in the right direction and make sure you are looking for the jobs that are the right fit for you. Many good jobs are hidden from view, unless you know where to look. Even when good jobs are posted, there are effective ways to increase your odds of landing one. Presented by Christopher Scranton, Jobcase, Doug Dickson, Encore Boston Network, and Andrea Burns, Age Friendly Boston.

Download recording of this webinar here 
Download slides for this webinar here

Making Friends With & Through Networking

Webinar 3, June 3, 2020

70% of people get jobs by networking, yet most people dread it. As a result, they limit their progress. In this webinar, you will learn how to make networking your friend and make friends by networking. You’ll discover who to reach out to, ways to connect, and the 3 questions you should always ask. As a bonus, you’ll come away with a plan to spend your time on the job search activities that are most productive. Presented by Stephanie Legatos, Operation ABLE, and Doug Dickson, Encore Boston Network.

Download recording of this webinar here 
Download slides for this webinar here

Crafting Your Story: Using Age As an Asset

Webinar 4, June 10, 2020

As we get older we tend to see our age as a disadvantage. But what if it isn’t? This webinar will help you see several different ways to tell your story. You will learn to present your experience and perspective on life as the asset it is. The webinar will help you reflect on and craft a story that gives a boost to your confidence as well as your resume, LinkedIn profile, networking conversations and interviews. Presented by Amy Avergun, Encore Boston Network, and Chad Cotter, Boston Medical Center.

Download recording of this webinar here
Download slides for this webinar here

Adapting Your Job Search to a Changing World

Webinar 5, June 17, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has changed our lives in many ways. In addition to the impact on the economy, in-person interactions will be limited for some time. If you find yourself in career transition - whether chosen or by circumstance - there are steps you can take to remain active and positive in your job search. Presented by Andrea Burns, Age Friendly Boston, Tim Driver, Age Friendly Ventures (and and Leanne Rodd, FlexProfessionals. We'll talk about pre-COVID and current job market trends as well as tips for keeping your job search momentum.
Download recording of this webinar here
Download slides for this webinar here

Top Tips for Leveraging LinkedIn for Your Job Search 

Webinar 6, August 20, 2020

If you’re wondering whether LinkedIn is critical for your next job search, the answer is Yes! This webinar will help you leverage LinkedIn to find professional opportunities, grow your connections, and be searchable online (whether you‘re currently working or not). We review key profile areas, ideas for content, networking tactics and how to use the platform to emphasize the skills you want to use in your next role. Presented by Leanne Rodd, Director of Talent for FlexProfessionals.

Download recording of this webinar here
Download slides for this webinar here

Self-Employment Do's & Don'ts for People Over 50

Webinar 7, September 24, 2020

A recent article in The Boston Globe ran with the headline "Americans Rush to be Their Own Bosses as Covid Hits Job Market." A bit breathless, to be sure, but history shows that when the job market declines, many people, especially those over 50, seek self-employment as an alternative. Learn about self-employment options, what‘s necessary and what‘s not, and how to move forward with confidence. Facilitated by Doug Dickson, Amy Avergun and Kendra Mrozek.

Download recording of this webinar here
Download slides for this webinar here

Additional Resources

50+ Job Seekers Regional Networking Group

50+ Networking Groups are supported by the Massachusetts Councils on Aging to bring together people over 50 who are actively engaged in a job search. Monthly meetings provide a forum for sharing, learning and mutual support. Now meeting virtually. Register in advance. More info here

Jobcase Community Group

Jobcase is a people-first social media platform built to help you improve and manage your work life. Our Community Group is for and by older workers, supporting our job search and careers as we "Age Strong," meet challenges and continue to thrive. More info here

MassHire Downtown Boston Career Center

MassHire Downtown Boston connects you to job search resources, career counselors, training programs, job opportunities and other job seekers. Now operating virtually. More info here. If you live outside Boston, find the nearest MassHire Career Center here.

Operation ABLE

Operation ABLE provides employment and training opportunities to job seekers from economically, racially and occupationally diverse backgrounds. This includes occupational and computer skills workshops, job search support, coaching and counseling, and some internships. More info here

Encore Boston Network

Encore Boston Network leverages the power of people over 50 to do good, feel good and add value. We offer a broad range of resources, a supportive community and connection to opportunities with a focus on work that makes a difference. Also includes volunteering, self-employment and entrepreneurship. More info here.

AARP Massachusetts

AARP is the nation’s largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering Americans 50 and older to choose how they live as they age. A vast array of resources is available online for job seekers 50+. This includes articles, webinars and other tools geared toward helping you find your next opportunity in today’s job market. More info here and here.

Age Strong Boston

Age Strong Boston and Age-Friendly Boston enhance the lives of people 55+ with programs, resources and connections. Get connected to job and re-training programs through our Job Resources for Seniors webpage. More info here. is the leading provider of online career services to people age 50+. This free service to job seekers offers job postings, a list of Certified Age-Friendly Employers, company reviews and career advice. Includes info on encore careers, self-employment and home-based work. More info here

FlexProfessionals matches companies looking for seasoned part-time employees with professionals looking for meaningful part-time work. Resources include job postings, career webinars and readiness assistance in job search, workplace and technical skills. More info here.

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