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Longevity Bonus

People over 50 are making significant contributions to our economy and to society, benefiting people of all ages. With longer lives, improved health and motivated to make a difference, their impact is growing. A third of the US population is currently over age 50. That share will continue to grow, setting the stage for even greater impact. Here's a look at the difference people over 50 are making in their encore years.


25-30% do unpaid work for nonprofits each year
45% of all volunteer hours worked by people over 50
81% of older volunteers are motivated by helping others



25% work in full-time or part-time jobs
65+ is the fastest-growing workforce segment
47% of retirees re-enter the workforce


Business Startups

50% of all new businesses started by people over 50
2x higher success rate for founders over age 50
3x higher success rate for founders over age 60



38% primary caregivers for grandchildren
40% primary caregivers for spouses or parents
30% help adult children or aging parents financially


A Century of Change

The demographic picture has shifted and requires all of us to think differently about how people over 50 work and contribute. Watch this 4-minute video to learn why.

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