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Rate how well your organization currently meets each of the statements below, where 5 is
Fully meets” and 1 is Not at all.”






We could use best practice guidance & support for this

1. People over 50 currently work and/or volunteer in our organization.







2. We are intentionally welcoming to people over 50 in our HR policies, hiring practices, values statement and culture.







3. Our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) policy specifically mentions age or makes clear that people over 50 are welcome members of the team.







4. Our staff (both paid and unpaid) have received training about ageism, implicit bias and how to avoid demeaning language and behaviors.







5. We recognize the value of a multigenerational workforce and actively encourage people of all ages to work together to achieve stronger outcomes.







6. Our recruiting materials feature images of people over 50 and actively urge them to apply.







7. Our HR policies offer flexible employment options for people who are balancing caregiving and other needs with work and volunteering.







8. Our workplace, equipment and technology accommodate people with mobility, vision, hearing and other needs.







9. Our training and professional development programs recognize the need for older workers and volunteers to continue learning and growing in their roles.







10. We encourage people over 50 to mentor or provide support to younger people on our team (and vice versa) whenever possible and appropriate.







When you have responded to all the questions, add up the total of your answers and click here for an interpretation of your results.

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